WordPress Hosting who to Choose. Picking the right WordPress Host

WordPress Hosting who to Choose

WordPress Hosting welcome to my nightmare. Really I am not exaggerating when I say nightmare when it comes to choosing hosting for your WordPress site.

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Firstly like many people need some info go to Google enter this search term

“Best Hosting for WordPress”

Best Hosting for WordPress Google Search Results

6 million plus results so picking the right WordPress Hosting is not going to be a straight forward exercise.

Taking a quick look at the first couple of pages of results shows how hard it is to get true and unbiased information. So on the whole there are three segments to the search result’s which I have categorised as follows

1.So towards the top of the results you have the paid ads by hosting companies

2.Sites that are deemed to be authority sites or at least sites with some credibility.

3.These are then followed by everything else.

Now I did not read all 6 million results that Google returned but of the ones that I did read ,I looked a variety of pages of results from page 1 to 10, it became obvious that finding a totally unbiased recommendation was pretty much impossible.

Pretty much all the Hosting companies have good and bad reviews ,offer pretty much the same functionality and many of them over use the “Unlimited” statement.

To many of the sites that fell into the second category were either promoting/recommending hosting companies for the sole purpose of gaining affiliate income or were just cluttered with affiliate links that distracted from the article itself.

Then finally the everything else category was well pure advertising .

Now to be fair I only visited a small proportion of the 6 million results and could quite easily of missed the one definitive article that gives us all the answers.

WordPress Hosting who do I Recommend

When it comes to recommending what Hosting supplier to use I find myself unable to hand on heart recommend any of the hosting providers. There are just to many variables to take into consideration to give a straight forward good or bad answer.

Finally I suppose its only right that I acknowledge that this site is Hosted on GoDaddy and that I have a couple of other sites Hosted on Bluehost .

Ultimately its going to come down to your interpretation of what’s on offer and how much money you are willing to spend.

As a note no affiliate links appear in this article.

Have fun in your WordPress World.



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