Starting out with WordPress Words of Warning

Starting out with WordPress Words of Warning

When Starting out with WordPress there are a couple of things that I wish had knew at the beginning of my WordPress journey. So I thought I’d knock together a quick article on some of the mistakes that I have made over the years using WordPress, though some of these ‘Mistakes‘ apply regardless of what website platform you use.

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Keep your Money in your pocket.

Starting out with WordPress Words of WarningWhen Starting out with WordPress it is easy to get sucked into the scenario were you concentrate so much on the visual aspect of your site you forget the two most important things that will make your site successful

1.Content this is what your visitor’s come for

2.Speed How quick can your visitors get at the content.

You can quite easily spend a substantial amount of money on one theme after another and plugins galore and your site could still end up being slow and unappealing for your visitors.

So my advice when Starting out with WordPress is to keep it simple use a straight forward WordPress install and use one of the free responsive themes available on ,keep plugin installation to a minimum and only to ones that the community consider essential.

WordPress is free there are loads of themes and plugins to mould your site to the way you want  without you having to invest large amounts of money.

Domain Name and Hosting

If you want to build a self hosted WordPress site you are going to have to purchase both a Domain Name and some Hosting now this is where the fun begins .

Firstly if you want a bit more info about what a Domain Name is you need to read this ARTICLE like wise there is some info HERE on Hosting.

Ok lets deal with the Domain Name first shorter the better and relevant to your topic its that simple really. In reality trying to get the Domain Name you want is never going to be that easy certainly not at a price that us normal people can afford.

What domain extension to buy is also another problem there are that many now it is likely to cost you a fortune to buy every variation of your domain name. I have a tendency to stick with or .com.

Important to know that the purchase of a good Domain Name does not guarantee a successful site just stacks the odds in your favour a little bit.

Now here’s the really IMPORTANT bit the cost of your Domain Name is a recurring cost that means depending on how long you purchased it for you will be charged again on the anniversary of its renewal.

Top Tip if this is your first sortie into building a WordPress site set the Domain Name to auto expire set yourself a reminder on what ever devices you use I would suggest 30 days before the expire date so you can make the decision were to renew or not.

Hosting I would say this is the single thing that I have WASTED most money on in the early years of my WordPress journey.

So what hosting do you need when Starting out with WordPress here is my advice start out small. Pretty much ignore all the references to UNLIMITED this and UNLIMITED that because in the early days you are not likely to to have the amount of traffic to use up your quota of resources. Also as you become more experienced you will realise that UNLIMITED means different things to different companies.

Purchase some shared hosting on a reliable host again remember this is a recurring cost so make sure as with the Domain Name that your set yourself a renewal reminder.

Which host to use well here’s a difficult one there are so many hosting companies and sites promoting hosting companies it is difficult to get at who really is the best. For instance at the time of writing this article WPCommunity is hosted with GoDaddy .

Best advice I can give on hosting is start small unless you are really confident on getting high levels of traffic to your site in the first few months.

Make sure the hosting company supports easy install of WordPress and that you have access to cpanal ,this being said most hosting companies offer these as standard.

There you have it a few words of warning when Starting out with WordPress .

In Summary

Start out small

Keep your money in your pocket

Have FUN

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Starting out with WordPress Words of Warning
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