Google Authenticator Two Factor Authentication Clef Replacement

Google Authenticator Two Factor Authentication

Google Authenticator the easy replacement for the retired Clef WP plugin.

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Well after much deliberation and research I have finally decided to implement Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication developed by miniOrange. After reading this article it convinced me this was the better replacement for Clef.

If you are migrating from Clef to Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication plugin then follow the steps below to easily setup the plugin and have the experience of Clef like.

  • Install the plugin.
  • Verify you email.
  • Click on QR Code Authentication method.
  • Scan the QR Code from the miniOrange Authenticator App.
  • Step by Step direction are given in the plugin to help you setup the plugin.

A highly secure & easy to setup Two Factor Authentication (Google Authenticator) for your WordPress site. Rather than relying on a password alone, which can be phished or guessed, miniOrange Two Factor authentication (Google Authenticator) adds a second layer of security to your WordPress accounts. It protects your website from hacks and unauthorized login attempts.

This plugin provides two factor authentication during login. If you are looking for OTP Verification of users during Registration then we have a separate plugin for this. Click Here to learn more.

  • You can login using username + password + two-factor or username + two-factor.
  • Two-Factor can be enabled for role wise.
  • It can be deployed for your entire userbase in minutes.
  • All types of phones are supported Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry), Basic Phones, Landlines, etc.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen or discharged, we offer alternate login methods like OTP Over Email and Security Questions (KBA).
  • If your phone is offline, you can use a one time passcode generated by app to login.
  • It offers inline registration of users so you can simply activate and configure the plugin and you are all set.
  • We support multi factor authentication for all type of phones.
  • Soft Token, QR Code Authentication,Push Notification are supported by miniOrange Authenticator App.
  • Google Authenticator method is supported by both Google Authenticator and Authy App. You can configure Google Authenticator method by Google Authenticator as well as Authy 2-Factor Authentication App.
  • If you want to login from mobile browser then any authentication method can be converted into Security Questions (KBA) by just one click.
  • You can customize the Security Questions (KBA). You can add your own setup of questions in the Security Questions list. Administrator as well as users both can add custom questions. Administrator can also decide how many questions user can setup for Security Questions.


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