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Domain Names Explained

Domain Names are your unique internet address.

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The internet works on IP (Internet Protocol) addresses a group of four numbers such as
This IP address is the identifier for a website not easy to remember so here enters the Domain Name.

Domain Names are the human friendly address commonly known as a URL so for instance rather than having to remember a group of numbers to identify a web site you can just enter the URL such as .

Once you purchase a Domain Name this becomes unique to you and anyone entering this into an Internet browser, were this be Internet Explorer or Chrome, will be taken to your web site. Far easier than trying to remember a group of numbers would you not agree?

The other great advantage of Domain Names is email addresses .The majority of ISP’s supply you with some sort of email functionality. These email addresses usually take the form of or similar. Now imagine that you have your own Domain Name you could set up your email address to be something like much better don’t you think. The other thing to consider is that changing your ISP would not require you to change your email address.

Choosing a Domain Name on the surface seems like a simple thing to do but in reality it is unlikely that you will get your first choice of name. Consider how long the Internet as existed and the millions of websites that exist unless you have come up with something 100% unique someone will have got there first.
So in choosing your Domain name think about relevance, having a website about gardening but naming it space travel is unlikely to make it easy for people to find you when their looking for how to grow sun flowers.
Keep it short and catchy the longer the name (max 63 characters) the less likely people will bring your site to mind.
Consider addling your location to your Domain Name for example WPCommunityBirmingham (maybe a little too long but still memorable).
Also consider that the majority of sites people find are through Google search so a great name coupled with great content is more likely to get your site discovered.
Domain Name extension (tld) is the other thing to consider. The extension is the bit after your Domain name such as or .com. In my opinion, its best to use an extension that is relevant to where you are located. There are also cost variations depending on what extension you choose.

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